Learn how to stop obsessing over food
and find the
clarity you need

Nutrition therapy with an ANTI-DIET & ALL FOODS FIT approach so you can learn how to nourish your body

Are you tired of traditional eating disorder recovery routes and want to feel like you have a say in your recovery?

We were too.


That’s why at Confidently NourishED, we take a weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size® approach to nutrition and health where YOU have a say in what your recovery journey looks like.

We believe that EVERY BODY is worthy of respect and care, regardless of size or shape.

It can be also be very intimidating to seek help, especially if you have had negative experiences in the past or are unsure about what to expect in nutrition therapy.

That’s why we offer a range of resources and services to help you on your journey toward recovery.

confidently nourished nutrition therapy

You CAN heal your relationship with food & your body

confidently nourished dietitian nutritionists

Find joy

It is possible to fully enjoy eating experiences with your friends and family again, without the constant fear of having any lingering anxieties or self-consciousness

confidently nourished dietitian nutritionists

Break free

Imagine having the mental space and clarity to focus on the things that truly matter to you, rather than being consumed by negative self-talk and worry.

confidently nourished dietitian nutritionists

Be confident

You CAN feel empowered and in control of your own recovery journey, with the confidence that your voice and your needs matter

Insurances we accept

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blue cross blue shield confidently nourished nutrition
blue cross blue shield confidently nourished nutrition
confidently nourished dietitian nutritionists
confidently nourished dietitian nutritionists

What our clients are saying…

“I reached out to Heather after struggling with disordered eating for over 40 years.

I had been learning about and practicing Intuitive Eating on my own for several months. Although I had made some progress, I thought Heather might be able to provide me with additional support. And she has!

Heather’s wealth of knowledge and kind and caring personality allow her to provide sessions that feel structured yet flexible.

The sessions are collaborative and educational. She met me where I was and has supported me on my journey. I am grateful for her work.”

– A.O.

How it works
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Schedule your free call

Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call to learn more about nutrition therapy.

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Get ready for initial session

This is a 60-minute session where we will get a deeper understanding of your nutrition needs.

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Attend weekly follow-ups

These are 45-minute sessions where we will explore how to help you live a healthful, balanced life. 

Ready to get started?

Schedule your free 15-minute consultation today!

You need someone who *gets it* when it comes to your recovery

And that’s where we come in.

We are a team of Registered Dietitians who are passionate about helping people like you develop a healthy and confident relationship with food and their bodies.

Whether you’re in eating disorder recovery or just looking to up your nutrition game, we’ve got your back.

Our approach is all about body acceptance, self-care, and finding what works for you. We’re here to support and empower you on your journey toward healing, no matter what.

So don’t be shy, let’s chat and see how we can help you rock your goals!

confidently nourished nutrition therapy
Get ready to eat confidently
as you learn to listen to your body.
confidently nourished nutrition therapy
confidently nourished nutrition

More client love…

“I have been in active recovery for almost a year now. I have jumped from many different treatment teams as I worked my way to a better relationship with food. When I got to outpatient, I looked through many dietitian’s website before I found Heather.

I am so happy that she was who I went with, as her charismatic personality and session style makes me feel supported and met where I am in my journey.

She is open and honest with me when there are things I need to work on in a way that does not make me feel as though I did something wrong. I have enjoyed the time I have gotten to work with Heather, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to heal their relationship with food.”

– V.A.

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