Nutrition therapy with an anti-diet and all foods fit approach

Who we serve

Our team specializes in nutrition care for:

Eating disorder and disordered eating recovery

Feeding disorders counseling for ARFID & more

Weight-inclusive medical nutrition therapy

Our Approach

HAES and Intuitive Eating aligned

Our practice is Health at Every Size aligned and practice therapy through the lens of Intuitive Eating when appropriate.

Collaborative patient care

CN encourages the collaboration of care for clients in eating disorder recovery and in need of medical nutrition therapy. We understand the importance of having a treatment team in achieving better health outcomes and support keeping the line of communication open between all providers.

Years in business

States served across the country

Nutrition sessions held

Communities we serve

  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianTeens & adolescents
  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianCollege aged & young adults
  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianAdults
  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianAthletes
  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianPregnant individuals
  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianFamilies
  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianLGBTQIA+ community

Conditions we treat

  • confidently nourished dietitianAnorexia
  • confidently nourished dietitianBulimia
  • confidently nourished dietitianBinge Eating
  • confidently nourished dietitianOrthorexia
  • confidently nourished dietitianDisordered eating
  • confidently nourished dietitianBody image concerns
  • confidently nourished dietitianRED-S
  • confidently nourished dietitianARFID
  • confidently nourished dietitianNutrition for sports & performance
  • confidently nourished dietitianWeight neutral care for chronic conditions: such as diabetes, PCOS, GI issues, cardiovascular health
  • confidently nourished dietitianGeneral health & wellness counseling

Payment Options for Clients

We accept:

Selected Insurance

blue cross blue shield

Health Benefits

HSA, FSA, superbills, and SuperPay

Reduced Rate

for individuals who qualify

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