Compassionate & supportive business coaching & supervision to help you build the anti-diet business of your dreams

Ready to transform your struggles into success as an anti-diet dietitian?

Ready to take the next step in your anti-diet dietitian business, but feeling lost in the sea of information and advice out there?

That’s what coaching is for!

During our time together, we will:

  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianSet actionable steps for you to start, grow and scale your anti-diet business
  • Explore what your vision looks like for your business & how that aligns with the life you want to live.
  • Work out kinks, brainstorm and adjust your goals when needed

I’m not only here for you as an anti-diet provider but a human as well, so we’ll make sure each step of the way your business is in alignment with other life goals and your human needs as well.

anti diet dietitian business coaching

You could spend years trying to figure everything out on your own, but why not speed up the process a bit with a fellow dietitian bestie who has experienced it all?

Introducing 1:1 Business Coaching & Supervision

Individualized support for starting and growing a successful and sustainable anti-diet practice.

You deserve to invest in the support you need to build the anti-diet business you always wanted so you can focus on other important parts of life during the process too!

anti diet dietitian business coaching

Anti-diet business coaching & supervision will help you gain:

  • Confidence in yourself as an anti-diet provider & business owner
  • Clarity on how your business fits into your life
  • More time spent on self-care, family/friends, and things that actually matter instead of business-building research.

Finally, you’ll have a place to share and work through business struggles and wins with someone who has been there before.

You’ll walk away with:

  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianA breakdown of actionable steps for short-term and long-term goals to help build the business that fits in with your life.
  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianLessons, stories, and advice from my mistakes, achievements, and years of growth as a practice owner (plus from all the supervision/coaching I've had) so you can grow as an anti-diet provider and business owner.
  • confidently nourished eating disorder dietitianA fellow business owner and bestie looking out for you as a human being first and foremost before launching into goals, intentions, marketing strategies, etc.
How anti-diet business coaching & supervision works
confidently nourished nutritionist


Schedule your free call

Let’s chat face-to-face via zoom to see what lights a fire inside you and see if we make a good fit!

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Initial Business Coaching Session

During this 60 minute zoom call I will get to know you, your values, and your business goals a bit better so we can make a plan on where we would like to start.

confidently nourished nutritionists


Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

We will check in for 60 minutes via zoom on you as a person, provider, and business owner.

anti diet business coach
anti diet business coach

Business Coaching is a time and energy investment for both of us, which is why I offer a minimum of three months of working together to get us started.


I only take 4 coaching clients per week. This is a total of only 8 coaching clients per month.

Business Coaching & Supervision is perfect for you if…
anti diet business coach
  • You are committed to anti-diet dietetics, HAES, and weight inclusivity within your practice.
  • You are looking for support with handling client cases and how to run a successful business.
  • You want to live your life to the fullest while building a business you love and are proud of.
Hi, I’m Heather

I’m a fellow dietitian who is passionate about all things Intuitive Eating, eating disorder recovery, and body image healing.

I’m the founder and director of a virtual outpatient group private practice, Confidently NourishED. Prior to finishing my internship I always knew I wanted to have my own business. Private practice actually isn’t my first business rodeo.

It all started when I was younger making businesses out of everything/anything I could think of…. lemonade stands, dog grooming, spa days for parents, you name it.

I watched my father work and run a contracting business all throughout childhood, and I truly believe I got my entrepreneurial spirit from him.

As for my experience, I have worked in private practice and different levels of care for eating disorder treatment for the past 5 years. I have sought my own business coaching and supervision to hone and sharpen my clinical and business skills. I have taken many courses, read books, and listened to podcasts so you don’t have to. And I cannot wait to pass on what I’ve learned with you!

anti diet business coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we talk about during business coaching sessions?

Anything you want! What has come up for you, what barriers are you facing, what wins we can celebrate, etc. Literally anything from building a referral network to counseling clients to hiring to setting/increasing prices.

How often will we meet?

At least 2x a month for a minimum of 3 months.

Where will we meet?

We will meet via zoom and have slack support in between sessions.

Do you only work with dietitians?

No, I am available to work with therapists, doctors, and other entrepreneurial spirits that want to start an anti-diet business. However, my specialty is private practice and eating disorders.

Still unsure if coaching is for you?

That's totally fine! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or set up a discovery call here.

Ready to get started?

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