Our team believes that you deserve to recover in a welcoming space that accepts EVERY part of you

We want our clients to feel heard AND seen, which is why patient-centered care is so important to us

At Confidently NourishED…

We offer inclusive and compassionate nutrition care for those in eating disorder recovery or for anyone interested in a weight-inclusive approach to nutrition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help empower our clients to find their own authentic voice when it comes to nourishing their bodies.

Our Values

Accessibility to quality care

We believe in accessibility to quality nutrition and well-being care for everyone. Our services are designed to be accessible to all, and we value the opportunity to work with registered dietitians and help people nourish their bodies in a way that feels good to them.

Diversity + Inclusion

We believe in diversity and inclusion to provide the best care to our clients. We are committed to an inclusive space for all clients and embrace diversity to better serve their individual needs and goals. 

Affirming care for ALL bodies

We affirm and respect all bodies. We provide inclusive support and guidance to help clients develop a positive relationship with their bodies and combat harmful societal messages about body size and shape. 

Compassionate Care

We provide compassionate care to help clients develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Our team of registered dietitians offer non-judgmental support and tailor care to each client’s individual needs. 

About us

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Hi, I’m Heather Lasco

I’m the founder/director of Confidently NourishED and a Registered Dietitian passionate about helping people heal their relationship with food and their body.

Like many dietitians, I went to my college program to learn more about nutrition to partially help others but really “cure myself.”

One day I landed upon an intuitive eating post on Instagram and the rest was history.(Easier said than done) I spiraled into years of working on healing my own disordered relationship with food and body. And it’s always a work in progress! (I will never lie to anyone about that.)

Once I was able to work with others it became my mission to help everyone get the treatment they deserve, to not be overlooked, and to be taken seriously regardless of how they present themselves when it comes to their mental health and eating disorder treatment.

I’m a member and ally of the LGBTQ+ community. I also dedicate energy to other substance abuse and recovery spaces, being I am proudly 2+ years sober.


  • BS in Dietetics
  • Registered & Licensed Dietitian
  • Eating Disorder Bootcamp training with Jessica Setnick
  • Eating Disorder and body image course with Marci Evans
  • EDRDPRO member
  • IADEP member
  • ASDAH member
  • prior experience working in higher levels of care at an ED hospital

Fun Facts

🍦 I sang at Carnegie Hall in NYC for a competition when I was a teen and performed in Kidz Bop Live.

🍦 I love all types of music from 70s rock to gangster rap to opera.

🍦 Fav show: Parks and Rec

🍦 Fav food: ice cream! -any flavor

🍦 I love to travel and try foods from all around the world.


Heather Lasco

Founder & Director

Hi I’m Kristin Urena

I’m the Lead Dietitian here at Confidently NourishED.

I’m passionate about providing access to inclusive and compassionate care for all people. My personal and professional nutrition philosophy is informed by Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and body neutrality.

These concepts have helped me create a nourishing relationship with my own body and have allowed me to support many others in doing the same.

I deeply believe that these principles are liberating and can empower individuals as they create a new relationship with food and their bodies!


– Several years in PHP/IOP programs, both in person and virtually
– Registered & Licensed Dietitian
– ASDAH Member
– Certified Be Body Positive Facilitator
– Bachelors in Psychology

Fun Facts

🍦 I love learning about plants, nature, and ecology. I got hooked after reading the book, Braiding Sweetgrass.

🍦 I’m originally from NJ but moved to Colorado to be closer to the mountains! I love exploring my new home.

🍦 I love live music and have seen many of my favorite artists and bands many times!
🍦 Fav show: Friends & New Girl
🍦 Fav food: Mediterranean restaurants and chocolate

Kristin Urena

Lead Dietitian

Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay

My journey towards a profession in dietetics stemmed from a place of perfectionism. The search for a perfect diet and my in-depth nutrition education further ingrained my black and white thinking, fueled my fears, and reinforced my restrictive behaviors.

After graduating with my BS in Nutrition, I stumbled upon an intuitive eating podcast and instantly saw a new door leading towards a freedom I couldn’t fathom. Fast forward to now, after a couple of years of self- work I’ve found peace with food, practice food freedom, and strive to expose diet culture jargon in any shape it comes in. I realize we all have our own journeys and no two paths look the same.

I am passionate about meeting clients where they are and working towards their goals of healing their relationships with food and their bodies in ways that best support their paths. I am committed to providing an open, non- judgmental environment that offers inclusive and compassionate care with HAES and intuitive eating concepts as the backbone of counseling. I acknowledge and see my privileges as a white, cis gender female and advocate for those spanning the umbrella of intersectionalities to receive equal quality care. You’re the driver and I’m the passenger ready to take a road trip with you through this path called life.

Outside of Confidently NourishED you can find me reading, listening to podcasts, knitting multicolored throws, playing in my garden, beekeeping, frolicking in the outdoors, and sitting at the new restaurant that opened in town.


Lindsay Yohn


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

All sessions are held via HIPAA compliant Zoom.

How Is Nutrition Therapy Different From Psychotherapy?

As a registered dietitian providing nutrition therapy we will focus on food, weight, body image, and physical activity. We will also explore mindsets that are keeping you from living a healthful, balanced life. During nutrition therapy we will seek alternatives to the diet thought patterns and behaviors that are not serving you. Throughout this whole process you will also begin to develop awareness around your personal needs and learn how to respond to your internal cues regarding food. Psychotherapy with your therapist will focus more on the underlying issues fueling the eating problems, dealing with past and present relationships, feelings, trauma history, any other co-occurring disorders, etc.

How Often Will We Meet?

The frequency and duration of our sessions will depend on the severity, complexity, and level of support you need. This will be determined during our initial session. However, nutrition therapy is not a one and done type of deal. Depending on your case we may work together for 3, 6, or 12+ months. Most of my clients start meeting weekly and eventually taper off to every other week.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To request an appointment please call 404-999-3149 or email info@confidentlynourished.co. You can also fill out the request an appointment form here

Do you take insurance?

Currently, we are in-network with United Healthcare, Highmark, BCBS, Cigna and Aetna. If you have another insurance provider with out-of-network benefits for medical nutrition therapy, we can provide you with a super bill to submit for reimbursement. However, you are responsible for paying for services upfront at the time of visit. Reimbursement of services through your insurance is not guaranteed. For more directions on how to verify if we take your insurance plan or if you have out-of-network benefits please look over our benefits check handout.

Do You Accept HSA & FSA?

I do accept Health Savings & Flexible Spending Accounts. Please bring your card to our first visit.

Do You See Clients In Eating Disorder Recovery?

I do work virtually with individuals with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and OSFED. We can only accept clients at an outpatient level of care, however we are happy to help refer you to other resources and levels of care if needed. With our work together being virtual it is important you check in with other providers to have labs taken, any meds adjusted, your weight checked (if needed), etc. as determined appropriate for your recovery. Prior to us working together I would be happy to help you establish a treatment team including a therapist, physician, and psychiatrist if you do not already have one. Depending on the level of support you need and the stage of recovery you are in, we may need to meet for check ins twice a week, weekly, or bi-weekly. I also offer virtual meal support and food exposure sessions.

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