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Healing your relationship with food in The Lone Star State

Find the perfect virtual dietitian for you in the state of Texas. No matter where you are in your eating disorder or disordered eating recovery journey, we are here to help you with an intuitive eating and HAES approach.

Fun Fact #1

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Texas is the largest state in the mainland US!

Fun Fact #2

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The name Texas originates from the native American word, “Tejas,” meaning “friends” or “allies.”

If you are working on your eating disorder or disordered eating recovery in Texas, here are a few of our top recommended activities for challenging your ED, practicing self-care, and making the most of your journey!


ACTIVITY #1: Take a visit in nature

Connect with yourself or a friend on a nature walk at The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden!


ACTIVITY #2: Check out the local art scene

When you think of Austin, you think of ART. Get creative, tour a gallery, take in a local film. Even explore around town and enjoy yard art that you happened to pass by.


ACTIVITY #3: Learn something new

Love feeling a sense of awe? View our planet from a different vantage point at the Space Center Houston, a science museum part of NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

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